• Lizzie Small

What makes a person start a food truck?

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Well, in the case of SouperSpudz, it was a light bulb moment. My lovely husband of 20 years, a carpenter and residential construction supervisor had been on long term disability after two intensive spinal surgeries. He needed something to focus his mind. He wanted to consider a new future in case he needed to leave the Construction Industry. Out of the blue, he announced he’d had a brilliant idea for our future. A food truck… serving baked potatoes just like those he loved in England (where I come from), and home made soups like those his Scottish mother made ….and who’s recipes she’d gifted me when he came to live with me in England. (there’s another story in there ..but not for now….)

When David Small decided on something, it happened. Within 8 weeks of his lightbulb moment, he had located and bought an old Grumman truck (the gold standard for future food trucks) and he had it parked in our driveway. It looked like a creamsicle. It stank. Years of being used as a shed for old truck engines, had left it unattractive and deeply unpleasant. He spent every moment his body would let him, stripping the aluminum box back to basics, right down to its skeletal bones. Together we wired it for its new purpose, we planned equipment and cut the all important hole for the customer window. We were on our way!


Months later, we (that’s my daughter and I) emerged from the fog of disbelief and the black hole which is grief, to the sight of the creamsicle on the driveway, and realised then and there that the only way out of the abyss of sorrow was to make his dream come true.

So, here we are. Lizzie (that’s me) and Chloe (our daughter) and we are excited to make the dream a reality. The new kids on the block, we look forward to bringing our food truck full of home-made soups and Organic, Alberta grown baked potatoes, loaded with fabulous toppings to companies in the Industrial, Commercial and Logistics districts of Calgary for week day lunches. Through the summer months we plan to be at Sporting events, Carnivals, Festivals and Concerts.

Building community spirit is what we are about, and Souperspudz is all about giving everyone the chance to shine. Advocating for positive thinking in life, for giving back to society in every way possible, we believe it’s important to contribute where you can. Every bowl of soup sold by SouperSpudz will contribute to a Calgary based charity supporting women and children at risk, and each potato sold will contribute to support and education in Suicide Prevention.

We source our ingredients wherever possible from local farmers and suppliers, and we want to cater to everyone’s tastes. Veggie, Meat-eater, Vegan, Gluten free… we have something for everyone, using the best sustainable ingredients, cooked with love and served with a dollop of care.

We look forward to getting to know our clients, and for you to get to know us.