• Lizzie Small

Great minds think alike! Bloomberg covers the new trend of food trucks moving into the 'burbs'

Great minds think alike! Covid 19 has made business owners think quickly on their feet. The changing landscape of how business is done in a Pandemic world, has meant that to succeed you have to look at the world through new eyes. When we planned Souperspudz, I had always aimed to take the truck to parts of our City which needed us - to those places where lots of people work, but where healthy lunches were a car ride away. I had my sights set on the Industrial and commerical zones. But, with some companies still shut out and people working remotely or from home, it follows that our opportunities lie elsewhere. Less people want to venture out to the local restaurant with the family, with social distancing and the inherant risks associated with sanitization etc. Moms are cooking more than ever before simply because they have to - or restaurant delivery services pick up the slack when she really is too exhausted to consider another night tied to a stove. What better relief then, to know that every other Thursday, Mom can take the night off, and Dad and the kids can purchase a good, healthy meal, cooked especially for them and handed to them (with social distancing!) from a friendly food truck actually parked in their neighbourhood? We live in a City of over 1 million people. There are opportunities out there for every food truck to make it's mark in local communities and build new business opportunities to help families in a very practical way through the Pandemic. None of us knows how long this will continue, but I for one am grateful for the new opportunities our new normal is presenting a rookie entrepreneur. I am so looking forward to meeting new customers, and adding value to people's lives, not just as a novelty at a special event. And it's really good to see that I'm not alone in my thinking!