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 Who we Are

SouperSpudz is a new food truck and catering business operating in Calgary, Alberta. We also provide Hot School Lunches through Healthy Hunger.  Our baked potatoes are perfect nutrition for young minds to grow!


We will be serving up Alberta grown, organic baked potatoes and home made soups for families during the supper hour at our community visits (If you would like to visit your community do please call us!) We will also be visiting breweries and markets and social distancing events as the Fall progresses.  You will see us a lot in the North West, but we are happy to go wherever we are wanted!


Covid 19 has changed the landscape of our customer base, and as soon as offices open up we will be offering corporate lunches too, but for the timebeing, we are looking forward to being able to give Moms the evening off by bringing dinner to you! 

It’s Souper soup day!  Stand by for our

SouperSpudz Cares, so we give back ...

As passionate as we are about our food, we are equally as driven to support  and advocate for some very important causes close to our hearts.  Every potato we sell contributes to The Centre for Suicide Prevention. Every soup also contributes to the support of Women and Children at risk. 

We also advocate for organ donation and the need to change the Face of Addiction. 

Our mission is to buy local, starting with our root veggies grown by Poplar Bluff Organics and we hope to collaborate with more local businesses as we grow.    



Interested in Our Special Catering Services? 

We are happy to cater your event with hot potatoes and soup delivered to your office or your event, please complete the form below so that we can contact you for a clear picture of your needs 




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